Dramatic Foolishness

I know it’s “just a show” but I can’t help but feel hurt and even betrayed. I’ve actually been trying not to cry since the announcement of the show’s cancellation. Normally I’m the first to roll my eyes and even giggle at people who have such a reaction. Not this time.

I’m well aware I have nothing to do with the show. I’m well aware I’m a nameless, faceless, voiceless existence on a screen. This hasn’t stopped me from feeling like I was part of something. An actual community was created through this series. We’ve treated each other like actual friends to family for months!

I will say that for someone who’s been mostly bedridden for +11yrs having this is NOT a small thing. When I say you’ve all made a huge difference in my life please take this seriously at least. I honestly feel like my world is crumbling around me. It’s stupid but true.

This doesn’t exist anywhere else. I’m genuinely afraid that this will all be over. I don’t want it to end. I tried to be gracious about all this but I’m just too angry. Actually angry.

It’s even made a difference in my family dynamics! My family actually agrees on something and even the people in it! In my 30yrs this has never happened. They’ve opened up to me through this show and I to them. My family who openly laughs when something small makes me sad (like I just don’t smile that day). They are actually sad this is over. There’s even teary eyes and signing the petition (they NEVER do that!).

I know I’m being dramatic and foolish but I genuinely feel this way about the show, cast and crew, and the fans. One way or another please don’t let this end.

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BYUtv Extinct Hypocrisy

At some point it was stated by BYUtv that Extinct was part of reaching beyond the Mormon community. To reach a broader audience with the message of values and seeing the good in the world. What does it say that not only was this series, those involved and the fans not supported but also that it’s being completely thrown away? I’ll frankly state that outside of the Mormon community you are a mostly unknown TV station made my mostly unknown people yet you expected, what, Game of Thrones ratings? Most big name shows have to start promoting 1-2 years in advance of filming to get the outcome you got without promoting at all until 2 weeks before the premiere. There isn’t a fan community out there that has stayed true since months before the premiere and are still fighting for it now. As an actual community! That doesn’t happen. Ever. Don’t destroy this because it’s not world renowned in just 3 months. Those expectations are just not practical in any dimension. Also your team kept telling the cast and crew the show would be international. Less than a week before the premiere the team finally informed the cast and crew it wasn’t. The cast, crew and fans scrambled to find a way for everyone outside the US and most of Canada to be able to watch the show they’d been looking forward to for months. This is unreliable and incredibly unprofessional and NOT their fault. You wanted to reach beyond the Mormon community but they’re the only ones you promoted and marketed to. The hypocrisy. We are being replied to by the BYUtv Twitter account that our faith, hard work, determination, passion, and loyalty have been understood and greatly appreciated. How about proving that by giving even 1% of it back? Hard to be loyal with a dagger in your back.

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BYUtv Extinct Rant

Their reason for cancelling: Not enough views, review, fans, etc. Of course there weren’t enough! People have to know you exist first! This is what happens when you don’t do the job you were hired to do! I’ve never been angry with a show in my life. I’ve also never mourned a show before now. This one has done both to me.

I’ve never seen worse marketing and promotions in my life! I was genuinely shocked to find out they had a team at all. They were non-existent except for when they were and. . . it was basically useless. They had at least 2 giveaways to meet the cast and crew but each was a minimum 4 days before! Information was always outdated or inaccurate. There were whole months without a post. They didn’t reach out until literally 2 weeks before the premiere. They promoted one person. No one knew it was there! Not unless they heard from the cast and crew and fans. . . which is NOT our job! They regularly tied the hands of cast and crew so they couldn’t inform or interact as much as should have been. When they did give them information more often than not it turned out to be wrong. They didn’t interact with the fan base at all (“SOCIAL media”!!!). They started filming August 2015 but didn’t let anyone know they were there until July 2016. They posted their first trailer in April 2016 but then they locked it! These are just some of the things that went wrong. Everyone has been frustrated with them from the beginning and rightly so.

Fans have been doing their job from the beginning. This ‘team’ should truly be embarrassed. It’s THEIR job to inform, reach out, and make sure everything and everyone gets noticed. They didn’t do ANY of it!

This series getting cancelled and especially for these reasons honestly feels like a slap in the face.

Start promoting as soon as you have the green light to make the show. Don’t wait! Make sure you are as accessible as humanly possible. Know your regions! Can you be seen around the world or just 30ft away? Find the pillars in your fandom. You don’t have to give them special treatment just be aware they’re who the fandom looks to for direction, consciously or not.

Create an account on Facebook (bleh!), Instagram, Tumblr (yes, Tumblr), and Twitter. If you can keep up with both a main account and fan account it’s highly advisable. Follow cast, crew and production company(ies) you work with. Also, various media news, reviewers, podcast, vidcast, youtubers, etc. accounts. Interract as often as possible! Be present and keep up as much as possible for livetweeting during each episode. You don’t have to be amazing but your absence is always noticed.

Encourage your fans! They are your bread and butter. Drawings, fanfics, crochet dolls, theories, costumes, etc. all encourage a happy group as well as promotions for you.

Share bts (behind the scenes) as often as possible. Join in on things like #fbf (Follow Back Friday) and TBT (Throw Back Thursday). TAG YOUR POSTS! Untagged is unseen. Always. Figure out how each social media platform uses tags. Social media is highly visual. People are more likely to stop for a picture or video rather than a paragraph.

Inform¬†various media news, reviewers, podcast, vidcast, youtubers accounts you’ve got a show for them to check out. Don’t start with the big leagues like Nerdist. Not because they’re bad but because they get so much traffic you’ll be run over unless they’ve a reason to notice you. Start with smaller accounts who will give their attention and efforts. These get noticed by bigger accounts who get noticed by bigger accounts etc. Let them view a minimum first 2 episodes so you can get reviews out there!

Tell your cast and crew exactly what they can and can’t say. Give them a series title and general synopsis so when they’re asked they can answer! Tying their hands means alienating those around them. They need to feed the followers.

Don’t just promoted one person or aspect. You’ve a small army. Use them! You want as much interest as possible.

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That’s Good! That’s Bad 0.0

I’ve never been proud to be a Californian until today upon hearing my state is suing the FCC. On the other hand. . . our own states are suing our own government. Is that not pure insanity and the BIGGEST flashing lights, flags, horns, etc. to ANYONE else?! This is embarrassing! And it will also be expensive. . . My wallet is so poor not even a moth comes out when I open it. How about yours?

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Thoughts On Government

Would we have more honest leaders if when you became president you had to leave everything behind? Like joining the Night’s Watch at the Wall in “Game of Thrones” or entering a monastery as a monk or a nun. If the instant you were sworn in everything you’ve ever had is now the government’s to do what they will. If the president earned a minimum wage like the people they govern. Would our leaders be as corrupt knowing they’ll lose it all? Would the corrupt be as driven?

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Net Neutrality Apocalypse

In 2006 I became mostly bedridden from the immense pain of Fibromyalgia. I was in a near vegetative state. There were days I struggled to breathe and days on end I couldn’t even open my eyes. I was given a computer with internet to help pass the time Christmas of 2007. I was at least able to have some distraction from my misery. In 2009 I began playing some free mmorpg games which led to talking with people again. For a few years following this I was able to watch shows and movies online which allowed me to have something in common with the world around me. In 2011 I joined the world of social media and fandoms worldwide. In this I found true friends who have helped me through things they do not even know are happening. My father retired from his job last November and now the 6 of us are living on his pension (which ends in a few months) and the Etsy shops.

If Net Neutrality goes tomorrow we will have no money to pay for internet. This means the main income for my family, the Etsy shops, will have to be closed. This means I will lose all communication beyond my bed. This means I will once again be completely cut off from the world.

Yes, I am legitimately terrified. In fact I haven’t been this scared since I died a horrible, miserable death in 2007. I have spent the last 11yrs doing what I can with what I have. All I have is the internet. I get $20/mo. and only because of the Etsy shops. When they go so do I.

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Random Thoughts On BYUtv’s “Extinct”

Will update. . .  Continue reading

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Views On Interviews

A lot of interviews these days are more like interrogations. You sit someone down and basically drill them with questions. They’re also usually the same questions. You can see the guest trying to make it through whether they’re sitting as still as possible, fidgeting madly, or just don’t care and they’re letting it show. In truth interviews should be a Continue reading

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Mythica: I’m Insane!

Actual Age – Physical Age

Keep Scrolling!!!

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Mythica Timeline

Be gentle with me! I apologize in advance for how weird and complicated this all reads!

I’ve watched all the films. I have not read the book.

Tip: All birth years start at ‘0’. Start with ‘1’ the year after.

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