Tell Us A Tale

Dear Evermore Park,

I’m quite sure this is not what you’re looking for but it is the story that came to mind. Either way I would like you to have it. For added atmosphere I listened to ‘Rachmaninov: The Isle of the Dead, Symphonic poem Op. 29 – Andrew Davis‘ on repeat while writing.

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Conflicting Dreams

I want to live out in the moorlands where I can’t see the nearest house from mine. I want to raise dogs, cats, horses and rats from babies. I want to do archery and learn how to use weapons and various styles of fighting. I want to spend every day outside. I want to draw, paint and write. I want to finish a minimum twenty books a year.

I want to interview people specifically in media. I want to travel the USA if not the world. I want to be a location scout. I want to dress in costume and go to conventions. I want to go to premieres. I want to learn to write scripts. I want to network and promote people and their projects. I want experiences. I want to try my hand at anything I can.

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Empath Troubles

Life as an empath is difficult to say the least. We feel every emotion like getting bowled over by an ocean wave. It’s amazing and powerful but easy to get dragged out to sea. When someone on the other side of the world is going through something bad we wake up from a dead sleep terrified for them and not knowing why. Everything you go through is literally amplified in ourselves. Continue reading

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Dramatic Foolishness

I know it’s “just a show” but I can’t help but feel hurt and even betrayed. I’ve actually been trying not to cry since the announcement of the show’s cancellation. Normally I’m the first to roll my eyes and even giggle at people who have such a reaction. Not this time. Continue reading

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BYUtv Extinct Hypocrisy

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BYUtv Extinct Rant

Their reason for cancelling: Not enough views, review, fans, etc. Of course there weren’t enough! People have to know you exist first! This is what happens when you don’t do the job you were hired to do! I’ve never been angry with a show in my life. I’ve also never mourned a show before now. This one has done both to me. Continue reading

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Thoughts On Government

Would we have more honest leaders if when you became president you had to leave everything behind? Like joining the Night’s Watch at the Wall in “Game of Thrones” or entering a monastery as a monk or a nun. If the instant you were sworn in everything you’ve ever had is now the government’s to do what they will. If the president earned a minimum wage like the people they govern. Would our leaders be as corrupt knowing they’ll lose it all? Would the corrupt be as driven?

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Net Neutrality Apocalypse

In 2006 I became mostly bedridden from the immense pain of Fibromyalgia. I was in a near vegetative state. There were days I struggled to breathe and days on end I couldn’t even open my eyes. I was given a computer with internet to help pass the time Christmas of 2007. I was at least able to have some distraction from my misery. In 2009 I began Continue reading

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Views On Interviews

A lot of interviews these days are more like interrogations. You sit someone down and basically drill them with questions. They’re also usually the same questions. You can see the guest trying to make it through whether they’re sitting as still as possible, fidgeting madly, or just don’t care and they’re letting it show. In truth interviews should be a Continue reading

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Mythica: I’m Insane!

Actual Age – Physical Age

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